NRCL has previously provided critical funding to enable the Bunanyung Landscape Alliance to become operational and commence planning to implement its vision of landscape restoration in the catchments surrounding Ballarat in central Victoria.  The Natural Resources Conservation Trust will provide a further $34,000 in funding towards:   Completion of Restorati

The Otway Agroforestry Network (OAN) is a community landcare group of 250 members based in south west Victoria, that facilitates the establishment and management of multipurpose trees and shrubs on properties in ways that reflect owner needs. The result is a robust biological infrastructure that underpins the economic, environmental and social values of our agricultur

Building the capacity of the Community Based Native Seed industry.  Contribute to innovative climate change solutions by enabling the growth of the community-based native seed industry by training and equipping new seed collectors to assist with native seed supply for up-and-coming revegetation projects. To enable the community-based native seed industry to meet

A new approach to planning and financing for landcare in Victoria. New Futures for Victorian Landcare is a new approach to planning and financing for landcare in Victoria.  An alternative to business-as-usual approaches to natural resource management, it aims to:  Develop new pathways for investment beyond grant-based project funding; Initiate planning proce

Coinciding with the launch of “Harli, the new urban sustainable development in Cranbourne West, previous site owner Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria (NRCL) is proud to announce this innovative key urban sustainability project.  “For decades, NRCL has promoted shared solutions to environmental challenges. Resolution Property Group, our chosen deve