New Futures for Victorian Landcare

A new approach to planning and financing for landcare in Victoria.

New Futures for Victorian Landcare is a new approach to planning and financing for landcare in Victoria.  An alternative to business-as-usual approaches to natural resource management, it aims to: 

  • Develop new pathways for investment beyond grant-based project funding;
  • Initiate planning processes that mobilise local knowledge and enable effective on-ground action by volunteer community landcarers; and
  • Establish systems for monitoring, evaluation and communication that demonstrate environmental impact and social change.

The project Outcomes are to:

  • Increase the capacity of landcare networks across Victoria to develop investment ready project plans;
  • Shift the emphasis of landcare from a focus on management problems to the delivery of financed landscape scale solutions;
  • Broker new partnerships for landcare to ensure access to relevant expertise and new sources of funding; and
  • Build and strengthen community capacity and help to modernize and adapt the landcare sector, while retaining the key community-driven strengths that has sustained its past successes.

This ~$1.891M three year project is using an innovative and experimental approach to address identified risks in Victorian landcare that include:

  • Continuing ecosystem decline;
  • Threats to agricultural productivity and sustainability;
  • Emerging changes in agricultural supply chains and biosecurity;
  • Responding and access to new investment sources to support sustainable landscape management; and
  • Scale and technical standards of landcare that need improvement.

NRCL was a key supporter in the original establishment of Victorian Landcare and this project provides the ideal opportunity to co-create a new future for community landcare.  

The Trust has committed $300K over the 3 year period of the project.  

Project partners include Natural Resources Conservation Trust, Landcare Victoria Inc,. Ian Potter Foundation, ANU Sustainable Farms, Landscape Finance Lab & Regen Farmers Mutual.

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