NRCL announces innovative urban sustainability Harli development

Coinciding with the launch of “Harli, the new urban sustainable development in Cranbourne West, previous site owner Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria (NRCL) is proud to announce this innovative key urban sustainability project. 

“For decades, NRCL has promoted shared solutions to environmental challenges. Resolution Property Group, our chosen developer in the application of best practice urban sustainable design, brings our passion for leaving a lighter footprint to the fore,” NRCL Chair, Jon Hutchins says.


“NRCL is passionate about urban sustainability as a practical solution to the environmental challenges of our time. We are proud to be creating a positive legacy in urban sustainability with Resolution Property Group.” Mr Hutchins says.

As well as housing, the development will boast expanded wetland and waterways with plans for NRCL to explore even more sustainable development initiatives at a later phase of the project. 

Biolinks planning is something that NRCL has been building for many years. “With the Harli site in close proximity to Ranfurlie Golf Club and Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne as well as other biodiverse sites, the setting is ripe for an extensive network of biolinks to be established,” he says.

“NRCL seeks out projects that build on our strong legacy to create a better world. The Harli development aligns with our goals to achieve the positive change needed for our environment to thrive.” he says.