A drone shot of the site where Harli will be developed for the sustainable urban community

What is Sustainable Urban Development?

We are passionate about urban sustainability and leaving a better world for future generations. General principles of Sustainable Urban Design include considerations of density, energy efficiency, building services, climate, solar/heat, embodied energy, operational energy, embodied maintenance, ventilation, materials transportation and construction, post use and design.

Our Work

What are we doing?

One of our ambitions outlined in our strategic plan was to realise a sustainable development at our Cranbourne West property. A section of this property is now home to Harli: a 7 star, zero carbon, all-electric community. Working closely with Resolution Property Group and Liberman family- backed Monark Property Partners, we see Harli as an example of Sustainable Urban Development in practice.  We hope that thoughtful, considered projects like Harli leave a positive legacy for future generations. For more information on Harli, please visit harli.com.au.
An image of the Harli office at the new development site