Bunanyung Landscape Alliance

NRCL has previously provided critical funding to enable the Bunanyung Landscape Alliance to become operational and commence planning to implement its vision of landscape restoration in the catchments surrounding Ballarat in central Victoria.  The Natural Resources Conservation Trust will provide a further $34,000 in funding towards:


  • Completion of Restoration Guide.   The Restoration Guide builds on the State-and-Transition models developed through the University of Melbourne and captures the methods and learnings gained and enhanced over time by local groups and members. The Alliance seeks to apply these approaches to two sites for the purposes of demonstrating this approach to ecological restoration.  A suite of new challenges exist for farmers to manage land and an increasing demand to plant to achieve both carbon and biodiversity outcomes, and to adapt to the risks of a changing climate. Still, farmers seek examples of properties where such measures have been achieved as exemplars of the path to the future (Lynch & Gell, 2011). The Bunanyung Landscape Alliance was established in 2018 with the aim of transforming the traditional approach to Landcare into a process that targeted biodiversity conservation, with a focus at the landscape scale, incorporating learnings that arise from research and monitoring.  
  • Biodiversity Restoration at two Demonstration Sites.  The two demonstration sites are located in the eastern arm of the The Bunanyung Biolink (between Enfield and Wombat Forests). The long term vision for that arm is the steady restoration of biodiverse values back into the landscape where such opportunities allow. Demonstration sites provide visual and real evidence of what is possible over time.

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